Tuesday, March 25, 2008

that's what little boys are made of...

(at Connor's birthday party)
When I think of little boys, a few things come to mind...dirt, sticks, dirty hands, treasures in their pockets, secrets, puppies, mud and more. I have a special place in my heart for little boys...maybe because I have three of them. But there is one little boy, who is not mine,but who just makes me melt. He is adorable. He is Connor's best friend Keegan.

Keegan lives about 5 doors down from us. He is also in Connor's class at school. These boys are literally "as thick as thieves". They are constantly playing together. They search for treasures ( one days finds were a piece of metal, a bottle cap and a marker), they put sticks in to mud puddles, they "camp" in the parking lot by the park, they play bad guys and good guys, Star Wars,build Legos and more. Somedays these play dates end in, "see you tomorrow Connor!" Other days they end in, "we are not best friends anymore", although they quickly forget.

I am so glad that we live in housing where the kids are never hurting for someone to play with. Keegan is one of those fun kids. Today Connor came up to me and said, " do you want to hear what me and Keegan made up?"


"ok, I say pinch, poke you owe me a coke!" And then Keegan says," a circle, a dot, I do NOT!" And Connor just giggles and walks away.

Precious memories. Precious boys.

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