Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter ( so far...)

( the long, ride home)

(what better use for a bucket than your head? I could not find the kids Easter baskets so they had to make do with ice cream ones)
( a family picture minus Ben)
( Ivan with Avery)
While we are not actually celebrating until next week, we did go to primary Easter Egg hunt yesterday. There were a ton of different egg hunts going on but we always like to go and support the church. I knew that there would be a ton of kids at the one on base also. So we headed out to a little park on the beach. I was expecting a lot more kids to show up, but there were only 4 families. Someone said that they had bought between 50-60 bags of candy and was divided amongst 12 kids! Needless to say, the kids were not hurting for candy or eggs. Ivan finally went up to one of the Dad's( whose kids are older) and said, " you help me". And he did. So Ivan got lots of candy and eggs and didn't have to do much work!

On a side note, I absolutely love my camera, but it sucks batteries down like you wouldn't believe. Luckily it is just double A's. But my batteries died during the hunt so I didn't get any pictures of the older kids getting eggs. Oh well. We are celebrating again next week so I am sure I will have ample opportunities!

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