Wednesday, March 12, 2008


For as long as I can remember, I have been a procrastinator. Putting things off until the very last minute. And as I sit and write this, a lot of them come to mind. Like telling Mrs. Yates I forgot my essay at home, and could I run home and grab it? And in actuality I went home and typed it out. ( Sorry Mom!) I still pulled A's in her class though...

Or doing laundry first thing in the morning b/c I forgot to wash something the night before. Packing at the last minute. Or stopping at the store to pick up a baked good that I promised I would bring somewhere and never made something. Those are just a few of them.

So, for the most current in my procrastinating ways, Seabee ball is on Saturday. I have known for a good 4-5 months that it would be falling on Saturday. Seeing as there are a lack of stores here, you might think that I would have bought my dress early. But no. Why would I do that when I could wait until the last minute? About a month ago I found a dress online that I liked. Did I order it? Nope, waited a little longer. But seeing as how I waited, I decided to pay EXTRA to get it here a little earlier. It came today.Phew, wipe the forehead right? WRONG. It is the wrong dress. It's cute. Not the color I picked, or the style but it's cute. It is also huge. When ordering I didn't take into account that Oiy! What is a girl to do? Oh I know, run around the island like a mad woman looking in every store for something.
Nothing like the thrill of the hunt right?

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Susan said...

OK, I'm LOL about the Mrs. Yake thing. I actually did almost the same thing. We were supposed to write a poem in the style of The Canterbury Tales and I totally forgot about it. So, I told her I needed to run up to the Journalism Room for something. I jumped onto a computer, typed like mad, turned in the assignment ... and got an A. Nothing like pressure to stimulate the brain!!