Friday, March 14, 2008

self esteem

There is nothing better for your self esteem, like taking a 3 year old into a dressing room with you, trying on a dress and having him say, "Mommy you so pretty".

He is also my very own cheerleader. For example I will be loading the dishwasher and he comes in and says, " yay Mommy you did it!" Well thank you Ivan. Yep cheers for everything. Closing a door, getting him dressed, fixing a lego, turning the tv off, I think you get the picture.

And last but not least, whenever I come home from being gone,or sometimes just coming down the stairs, he will say " Yay, Mommy you are back!"

yep he's just a boost to the self esteem. Except when...oh that would take way too long!

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