Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Seabees

( the Navfac Wardroom, good lookin' bunch huh?)

(my friends Cindy and Tiffany)
( My absolute favorite part of Seabee ball is seeing all these grown men singing the Seabee Song. The Ensigns have to start it off)
( the oldest and youngest Seabee cutting the cake)
(this is our CO speaking
( this is a picture of the centerpieces that we worked on for each table)

After months of meetings, fundraiser lunches, Navfac shirts to be sold, a bake sale, VIP gifts, centerpieces, trips to find latte stones and all came down to...

3 dresses ( finally narrowed it down to the "one"
2 sets of earrings ( 1 broke and the store wouldn't exchange it so Ben bought a brand new pair for me)
a necklace
2 pairs of shoes to choose from
make up at 12:30
hair at 1:30 which consisted of 28 bobby pins( and oops chit chat until 3:30!)
get ready by 5
Jonathon ( babysitter) comes and last minute instructions
kisses goodbye
drive to the Marriott
check out the centerpieces
fix the POW table
people start arriving
good times

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Susan said...

Looks like fun. So, did you just buy a dress in Guam then? Or did you wear the one that didn't fit? The decorations (and you guys) look great!