Friday, September 08, 2006

more 1st day pics

Yesterday was Connor's first day of school. Finally, after a rough 2 days of having to stay home with Mommy, it was finally his turn. And he was sooo excited. Because of the two different start times of the schools, we always arrive at preschool a good 20-30 min. before it starts. Which means I have to entertain Connor for a good 20-30 min. In the car. Fun Fun! About a quarter to 9 I finally let him out and got some great 1st day pictures. That kid is such a qt.When I came to pick him up he said he had fun and played with his "old" friends from last year.

Due to me talking after preschool, we didn't get home until around 1. Which leaves me with a problem...A.) Put Ivan down for a nap, knowing I will just have to wake him up at 2:30 to get Harm and Ethan or B)let him stay up, while he is being extremely crabby, and wait until 3. Waking him up at 5 so that he can sleep at night. I decided to try and keep him awake. I put him in his high chair to eat lunch, and this is what I found a few minutes later. He slept like that until 2:30. Lovin' the yogurt wrapper still in his mouth!

Tonight we are going to the Oceana Air show. The kids are soooo excited. Connor and Ethan because of the planes and Harmony because they have a fireworks show. Her cute quote, " Mom I just really want to see the fireworks because you know, I only get to see some on the 4th of July!"

Connor's cute quote... " Mommy I have been to the airport a lot of times but never to an airshow!"

Should be fun. Although Ben doesn't want to have to deal with the traffic. Oh is rough sometimes. It would take something pretty big to convince the kids not to go! I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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