Tuesday, September 05, 2006

1st day back

During the summer, there were so many times that I wish I could have pushed that red easy button and whisked my kids off to school, courtesy of Staples. However, it never happened. So today was a blessing! Except one little thing. And that would be this,

" Mom I don't want you to come in to school with me. I already know where to go and I can go by myself."

Stab right in the heart Ethan! I told him to indulge me and that there was no way that I was going to not come in and pointed out all of the other parents who were there. Finally, he "allowed me" to go with him. Who knows what will happen tomorrow though!

School memories. What would we do without them. I actually had one today....So I went to a different Y that is closer to Connor's preschool. I have been to that one before but had never actually taken a shower there. While I was dropping off my bag I decided to actually go and see where they were. Found them and much to my dismay..no stalls! Just shower heads on the wall. Total panic attack. I am not one for public nudity. I don't even get dressed in front of Ben if I don't have to and he is my husband!! I seriously consider not taking a shower BUT I am dripping sweat. What am i to do? I decide to suck it up and try to do some "towel magic" so that I am not showing any part of my body. Yeah except there is only one problem. I forgot my towel. Thus I am forced to use the wash cloths that they call towels, that the Y offers. I take 2 and use one to try and cover the top and one to cover up the bottom. Plus my bag of shampoo to try to help the concealing. As luck would have it...there were 2 stalls. They were just in the corner. Now you might be thinking what does this story have to do with school memories. 5th grade. That is when we had to start taking showers after pe. And oh the shame! Trying to take a shower while hiding as much of yourself as you could. Feeling so self conscious. While Mary Heather Swain danced around naked saying, " who cares? We are all girls!" and everyone stared in horror. Because yeah there were a couple of ladies totally like that today. Who didn't care.Ah memories.

So that is the end of my ramblings. Just wanted to share.... totally random I know. :)

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Cindy said...

that's too funny! Your kids are so cute! I can't believe they don't have to tuck in their shirts, though! Myshel would be so jealous!