Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Morning Confessions

Usually, Mondays are my day to get our lives back after the weekend. The weekend is such a whirlwind and so I usually spend the good part of Monday recooperating. (However you spell it!) However because of my cold I have done nothing. Not one thing. So far my morning has gone like this: get all the kids off to school, ok so this may take some effort, drop the last kids off at pre-school. Run to Target for more cold medicine. See my friend Becca, who is also the person who is helping me do the Halloween party at Connor's school. Got Halloween goody bag stuff from Target $1 Spot. Love that section. Came home and checked my email. Nothing good. Laid on the couch and watched QVC. Selling way cute scrapbook kits. Did not buy a thing. Then watched th ending of the movie Parenthood. Then I flipped back and forth between FBI files and The Village because The Village wasn't working very well. Connor came home. Snuggled on the couch and fell asleep. Woke up and Connor was watching Jack's Big Music Show. Drift in and out until Oobie is on and finally manage to get off couch. Then a diet pepsi and more dayquil. 22 more minutes until it is time to go pick up the big kids. Seriously hoping Harmony is not sick. She was complaining this morning that her throat hurt. But not bad complaining and didn't even ask to stay home. So hoping it's not worse when she gets home. Looking at the calender and realizing it is not that full. Thurs-Sat is busy. Missionaries are supposed to be coming to dinner on Thursday. Might not be the best of ideas. May just have to drop off some KFC or some other gourmet meal. Then camping with our ward on Friday night. I just hope that this cold is a little better by then. Lots of hand washing and sanitizer. And oj. Love the vitamin C. Skipping the treadmill until next week. My random confessions of the morning. Nothing exciting but what can you expect from someone doped up on Dayquil and Diet Pepsi?

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