Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Woo hoo!

At a quarter to 6, three of the kids were awake. 2 were completely dressed head to toe. Ivan was just cuddling. By the time we finally got out the door I thought I was going to strangle someone! They were so excited and just going wild. Which made Astro go wild. Which made them even more wild.

However, they did get off to their first day of school. They were very excited. Harmony had a lot of kids in her class that she knew (including her best friend). Ethan had a handful and Connor had a handful. So it was nice for them to know some of the kids. I didn't know the 2 older kids' teachers but Connor has Ethan's teacher from last year. Nice.

Ivan had a rough start to the morning, " I not go school, I play dominos." He wanted to go to the bus stop with the kids but wasn't happy that he couldn't get on. We took him on the Mommy & Daddy bus. He looked so teeny tiny next to all the big kids!And yes I cried when I dropped him off. Ben was like, "Marie you are such a girl." Ivan went right into his class and gave high 5's and went straight to the cars. We came back a little early and watched as he listened to a story about fire trucks. The teacher asked, "Ivan who drives a fire truck?" His answer, "I do." I can't wait to see what else he learns!

And what did Ben and I do with our free time? Go back to bed...not quite. We went to the gym and worked out. Good times!


The Barton Family said...

Enjoy all your free time! Scrapbooking? Freezer meals? I get all excited thinking about what I am going to do with mine!!

becky said...

I would totally cry too.

Janice said...

Glad to hear the first day was a success! I remember the anxious feeling before the first day. It's so weird!