Tuesday, August 05, 2008

bored yet?

Luckily for all my loyal readers, day three was not that exciting! :) I am not even sure I took any pictures! We had the conference in the morning. The spouses (there was one husband) went to go listen to topics on IT and a presentation from the detailer. I think a lot of us took the opportunity to voice some complaints & concerns! After going over time, we had lunch and than Cindy and I went off to do more shopping.

This time we hit Old Navy, and Borders. Later there was a social hour at Tiki's. For those of us who don't drink, these social hours are not that exciting! So we made a quick exit, and headed to...Wal Mart. Yep we went back. (Becky I packed an extra suit case and Ben packed very light. Plus he is very good at stuffing bags!) And that was it. I started to not feel very well and by the end of the night I was still not feeling great. So I crashed!

Day 4: Last day of the conference! We had a chance to speak to an admiral (Ben said I can't be specific)and his wife about the challenges of being Navy spouses. The rest of the subjects weren't really of interest to me. Things like finding work and family stress etc.

After lunch and classes, I put the privacy please sign on the door and slept! Ben came back when he was done and we decided to go walk along the beach. It is such a packed beach. Tons of people out. So many surfers, that it was just fun to watch.

We came back and got ready to go to our friends, the Segalla's house for dinner. We had a great time catching up and spending time with them. They have 2 girls and I think Ben enjoyed "going back in time" a little. Harmony is just too old!

It was on this night that I realized that...I had given the Moss's (friends watching the kids) the wrong return date! The whole being a day behind thing threw me for a loop. Ben was the one that realized my mistake. I had told them Saturday but it was actually Sunday. I felt awful, ecspecially when I got the answering machine!

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becky said...

I would have been relieved to get the answering machine. the whole no conflict thing would be nice. What a nice trip. Time away from the kids you probably realized just how worn out you are. Good job for taking naps when you got the chance.