Monday, August 04, 2008


I am taking just a short break from my vacation re-cap to say that I am FRUSTRATED!

Now all you Navy wives who are reading this, will be nodding your heads saying been there, done that!

I honestly love being in the Navy. I do. It can be a fun life and we have been able to see so much, courtesy of the Navy. But there is one thing that bugs me...our decisions are not necessarily ours.

I can't go in to the full details, but we are waiting to hear from someone else, what our next move will be. Do we have a say? No...not really. I know what I want. Ben knows what we want. Does the Commander care? Hmmm...probably a little bit. But his job is to look at how the Navy will benefit...not the Turners.

So we are on pins and needles waiting around. Trying not to get anxious for one thing, only to be let down. Maybe it is the control issue. I want to be in control and make my own decisions. doesn't work that way. So I am left to feel very...FRUSTRATED!


becky said...

that would be hard. but at least you don't have to worry if you are making the right descision. :) I can't say that would give me any comfort so I don't know why I wrote it but I will post it anyway. Maybe I can at least make you smile.

Janice said...

Totally understand that one Marie! We will be up for orders in a little less than two years and we know what we are hoping for, but I know we probable won't get it. If we do, it would be a stinking MIRACLE!!! It sounds like day 2 was lots of fun for you, I'm excited to see the rest! Miss you!

The Anglesey Family said...

I am sooo glad that you had a great time!
Ya...Kory would have NEVER allowed me to sit with you. He KNOWS I would ignore him.

The Anglesey Family said...

TOTALLY UNDERSTAND! I felt the same way a few weeks after Brax was born. I like to be in control of my fate as well.
Wait a minute....I commented on this already....I think I messed up. The comment on here was for the Hawaii trip. Your probably figured that out!