Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"If you know one child with autism...

then you know one child with autsim." I have had quite a few people ask me lately, how Ivan is doing. The fact is, every day with Ivan is a completely different day.

When we got home from Hawaii, he ran into my arms and let me hold him. He talked and talked. I loved listening to him actually talk to me. Not just recite something, or repeat back. But talking. His behavior was very good, unlike the older ones. It was amazing. And I got this glimpse of what life could be like.

This week has been a completely different story. He went in to the clinic to get a ppd and flipped out when a girl sat in his chair. He ran circles at the school and refused to leave. He is throwing everything. He is hitting. He is very rough with Astro. He keeps trying to take off to go to the park. He threw a fit today when we took him to the clinic to have his ppd checked again. He didn't want to go back to the exam room. Then he threw a fit when they didn't. Then it was a fit about going back to the school. Only to go in and run circles again. Then it was a fit about going to the commissary. I took him to the movies, he usually does well, he threw a fit the whole time. Running in the aisles, taking the other kids' snacks, screaming.

The pictures from above are of our family night on Monday. We took Astro out to the dog park on base. Ivan spent the first little while with his face pressed up against the fence. Not looking at us. Not playing with us.

I am exaughsted at night after dealing with him. It is a daily struggle. But then he says something to me, that makes my day. Like, " we need get batties for the wii. Thas so awesome." Yeah he said awesome. The other day we drove past Navfac and he says, "Daddy thats where you work". I love hearing him talk like a big boy.

The gluten free diet...thank you so much to all who have sent us food. He definatley has things he likes and ones that he doesn't. So far it is hit and miss with what he will eat. I am trying to introduce him to different things, but if he won't eat it, I don't force it.

As for school, he has a home visit during the first week of school. Then he will go in and he will get an evaluation and his IEP. From there they will determine how much help he needs. It also determines the amount of time he is in school. It made me cry when I over heard a secratary (not a special ed teacher) say that the spec ed teacher would have her hands full, after watching me try to get him out of the school.I regret that I didn't say anything to her, but next time I will. I read about a lady who has a bumper sticker on her car that says, "My child has autism, what the hell is the matter with yours?"(Sorry for the language, it was a direct quote.) But I have decided I need one and will just tatoo it to my forehead.

I have gone on and on. This topic is so...touchy. For lack of a better word. Every day is different,and we just keep on keeping on.


becky said...

Good luck with the start of school. I bet it is stressfull for all of you. I maybe he will settle down a little once it is a pattern or things are more consistant with school. I hope you are doing well. i bet it it trying. Just remember heavenly father only gives us children with special needs like this if we are the very best of parents. You must be the best of moms. I hope today is a good one.

Little Hensley Fam said...

Don't we all need a sign on our foreheads for something??! I hope things go well with the start of school for everyone, and that things will improve for Ivan. It's nice to hear you mention the goods and the bads about him so we can all get a glimpse of how it is for you. You're doing a good job! I'm sure it's tough, so please don't hesitate to call if you want to vent! Miss you!

Cindy said...

Marie, I think you're an awesome (yes, I said awesome) mom. Being a mom is tough enough and you have so many more challenges and you take them on so well. You might not think you do, but I know you do!

I am always thinking about you and your family and praying things will go well. Good luck with school. :)

The Farr's said...

I think Ivan is very lucky to have you as his mom. Let me know if you need me to send you some more food. Just let me know what he likes! I hope things get better for Ivan once school starts. I love ya!

Susan said...

That's amazingly insensitive for a secretary who works at a school for kids with special needs! Sheesh. I'm sure the other teachers/aides are great. Don't worry - everything will work out :)