Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daddy's helper

After months of listening to me complain about our entertainment center, Ben took the matter into his own hands. Literally. He designed and than built me an entertainment center. :) It has been his project for the past little while.

So yesterday, while poor Ivan was stuck with Mom and Dad at home, he got to help Ben put the wheels on. Doesn't he look like he is helping and not making it harder? :)


heidigoseek said...

Congrats on the whole first day of school business. I ready for Tuesday:) Give us updates on the entertainment center.

Little Hensley Fam said...

make sure you send some pictures of the finished entertainment center! What are you doing for your big 3-0 Birthday???

becky said...

How fun for him. i want to see the finished project too. Tell Ben....Nagging works.