Friday, August 15, 2008

"I don't want to be the big brother anymore!"

Poor Ethan. It is not easy to be the "man of the house when Daddy is gone." He has to help carry in groceries, take out the garbage, hold doors, put dvd's in, help with video games, change batteries and more. He usually does such a great job but...

Last night, Connor comes to me with big crocodile tears in his big blue eyes. I asked him what was wrong and he said, " I want to give Ivan my Elmo blanket." ( Little explanation, this is the blanket he has carried with him and comforted him since he was tiny). I asked him why and he said, " well Ethan told me that if I didn't let him have the bottom bunk, he was going to tell all of his friends that I have an Elmo blanket. I don't want to be embarrased."

I had a heart to heart with Ethan, although I am also going to have Ben do it also. I think it is different to hear it come from Dad also.

Anyway I explained to him that as the big brother, it is his responsibility to protect and watch out for his little brothers. That we don't tease them or try to embarass them in front of our friends. We talked for a little while when he declared, " I don't want to be the big brother anymore!" I realize it is hard for him to be in that position, but he is such a natural protector that I know he will be fine. But right's not easy being the oldest boy!

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becky said...

That is so cute though. I wonder what brenten thinks sometimes as the big brother. i am always telling him it is his resposibility to set a good example. And sometimes I know it annoys him but it is true.