Monday, August 04, 2008

Day 1

OK, so I must still be on Hawaii time...because I am worn out. I have been doing laundry, cleaned the fridge, gone grocery shopping and emptied suitcases. So I worn myself out! I have a lot of friends & family who have been/are on vacation and are trying not to bore their readers with their vacations. But as this is my blog and serves as my have to deal with it. Although you can skip it if you want, I'll never know! :)

I dropped the kids off on Monday afternoon and went shopping! I had ordered clothes and they didn't make it in time. Ben came home from work and we got to go out to eat by ourselves. We enjoyed Chinese food without the kids running around the food court. Gotta love that! It was just the beginning of our taste of freedom!

The next morning we started out at 3:30 in the morning. I know, I know! Way too early! We were on the plane for a good 7 hours. It went by pretty fast though! The food wasn't bad either. By the time we got off, we were sooo tired. But it was only like 6:00. My first stop was the bathroom. Don't you love the sign? Ben was teasing me about taking a pic of a bathroom sign but I thought it was cute.

We went to pick up our rental car and I just sat with our luggage. We were walking to the car and as we walked past sports cars, I kept saying, "oh is this ours?" So Ben pulls up to a red convertible mustang and says how about this one? I just laughed...until he unlocked it. The car we had reserved had all been rented and so would we "settle" for this one at the same price? You betcha!!

We got a little lost finding our hotel but it was fun to drive around and look at all the shops and sites. The weather was PERFECT! No humidity, no sweat dripping down my back. So nice.

After finding the hotel and checking in, we decided to go and get dinner. We went to this cute little (expensive) restaraunt called Tiki's. They had tiki's all over the walls and tables. It was cute. I had guava glazed ribs that were totally delish! We also tried this banana butter. It was so yummy. (Julie or Wendy do you know what I am talking about?) After eating we were tired though! I did buy a few little things that night but...

So that is about it for day 1. Watch out for more updates!


The Farr's said...

I also loved the bathroom sign! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your adventures in paradise!!

becky said...

That is smart to just blog a day at a time of your vacation. I love hearing about it. Mine is also my journal so just about everything goes on there and the more used to blogging I get it seems more and more goes on. I can't wait to hear more.