Sunday, August 17, 2008

freezer cooking update

(My hair looks awful in this pic. I know)
Thanks for everyone's ideas and tips! Since school is still a little over a week away, I have been trying to get a ton of stuff in the freezer. Harmony is loving it too and has been helping me do a lot of baking. While the baking is fun, I would rather have the main dishes. Know what I mean?

So I have a couple of pans of enchiladas, southwest crockpot stew, 1 portion containers of chicken (great idea Mary! I went out and bought 2 right away!)cookies, muffins. See what I mean about the main dishes?

I have alot more to do but I am having a lot of fun with it.

I know I have a lot more to do to get ready for the school year but am on my way. Wish me luck!

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orchard_girl said...

Hi Marie, I missed your post on freezer meals. Whenever I have frozen meals I tend to leave them for a long time, I think I want to save them for some 'real' emergency. What I try to do is to cook extra chicken and brown extra hamburger. So on those busy nights I can take out precooked chicken or hamburger and make stir fry, soup or quick tacos without too much prep work. Good luck!