Friday, August 29, 2008

cylical interests

I know that it can't just be me, who finds that their interests in things kind of comes and goes?Not completely abandoned, but just set aside.

Like take scrapbooking for example. While Ben was gone, that was my WHOLE focus...ok besides those 4 little rugrats running around. But I was buying magazines and products and scrappin' for hours every day. However, with the busyness of school and life again, it has really been put on the back burner. The other night, I sat looking in front of pictures and was just completely blank about what to do with them. Total scrappers block.

When we returned from Hawaii, Ben had literally eaten in a restaurant almost every day for over a month. And he was sick of it. So I really worked hard to plan my meals, and made sure he had nice homemade dinners. Which is when I started thinking about freezer cooking again. I also have found some fab food blogs that just make my mouth water looking at them. I have had so much fun cooking and baking lately. (Trust me, my clothes are getting a little tight!) I seriously have enjoyed being in the kitchen and even made pancakes from scratch. Not the huge ol' bag of Krutsteaz mix, actually from scratch. The kids loved them ( they were pb pancakes) and ate them all that morning!!

My other interest is organizing/home making. Which right now, is kind of in 2nd place with my other hobbies/interests. Still important but, just not as fun as cooking. So I am adding some links to the side of some of my favorite sites to visit. The picture is the snack we made for family movie night, last night. It is a candied popcorn. It was so yummy! And with having reses pieces in it, I think it would be fun to use as a Halloween treat. Perfect colors right?

Our favorites so far have been banana bars, missippi mudcake, taco salad, pb choc. oreo swirl cookies...and more. (Sense the dessert theme? We might need to branch out!)


Susan said...

You're like me - I'd much rather make dessert than anything else! I'll have to check out the sites you mentioned.

The Barton Family said...

Na, dessert is the best part!! We wrote a family creed and our last line is "Barton's never turn down dessert." Words to live by!!