Monday, August 04, 2008

Vacation Day 2

Ok, so back to the vacation....

The conference started bright and early Tuesday morning. We didn't sleep very well at all, so being down to breakfast by 7 was not easy! I felt bad as people would come and talk to me and all I could do was yawn! :)

After a quick breakfast, with the yummiest pineapple ever, the conference began. The first day the spouses & military members met together. My friend Cindy has been gone all summer, so it was fun to catch up. The husbands didn't want us sitting next to each other because they figured we would just ignore them! But they let us sit by each other anyway. There were some very interesting speakers although I noticed Ben designing an entertainment center for us! So he couldn't have been too interested!

After lunch and a funny get to know you activity, the guys were heading back to the conference. When they were done, they were heading up to Diamond Head for PT (physical training). The wives were invited to go on the hike...but we decided to go shopping instead!!

We put the top down ( how fun was that) and went straight to Wal Mart. I was so giddy! I will not even tell you how much money I spent. Suffice it to was a lot. I was so happy with all my good deals that the cashier told me she had never seen anyone so happy to shop at Wal Mart. So I had to explain to her I hadn't been there for over a year!

The trunk space in the car was not great, so we went to drop off our bags. The guys were just headed out to Diamond Head when we got there. So Cindy and I decided to stroll down the street by our hotel, and go into all the little shops. We loved going in and out and seeing all the crafts, jewlery, knick knacks etc. I dropped a pretty penny walking around there!

We went into a little market where the vendors were all trying to get us to buy things! We stayed strong and didn't although some things were very tempting! By this time the guys were back so we walked back to the hotel.

Ben was totally crashed out! They had run to Diamond Head, then hiked, and then ran back. Needless to say he was tired. After a little while we, along with Cindy and her husband Kirk, went to Cheesecake Factory.

The line was insanely long! I lost track of how long we stayed in it. We got some mean looks from Japanese people for saving spots on a bench. We finally got in though and ate. I had the Macadamian nut cheesecake, and holy cow Alishia, thanks for the recommendation!! It was soooo good. We were going to buy a whole one but they were all out of the size I wanted! Too bad. I am totally craving it now. Anyone know how to make one?

After eating we headed back to the hotel and decided to go and relax in the hot tub. It was really full, so we just went and swam in the pool for a little bit.

Ben is going to email his pics from Diamond Head and then I will post those.

We had planned to go and get a few things done today. But we are still worn out so the kids and I decided on a nice quiet day at home!


Susan said...

Sounds like a fun, busy vacation. We were really jealous when we got your gorgeous postcard in the mail :)

BTW: I LOVE the macadamia nut cheesecake. Yum, yum, and yum.

becky said...

how did you get all your stuff home? did you take an extra bag inside your suitcase?

I love all their cheesecake but their macadamia is my favorite.