Monday, April 28, 2008

Trashy fashion show

( the whole troop)
( waiting ever so patiently in the hot, hot sun)

This Saturday I spent a very hot afternoon with Harmony. Her Girl Scout troop went to a celebration for Earth Day. The girls had been working on outfits that were made completely from recycled material. We walked around for awhile, and she stopped at many booths getting stamps on a passport, that was traded in later for a t-shirt. This kind of thing is right up Harm's alley as she loves science and animals.

The fashion show was really cute. Unfortunatley I didn't get very many pictures of it, and my video is very shaky.Why? Because I had to hold a squirming 3 year old while I did it. But I am going to post them anyway!

Harm said she was a little afraid of falling off the stage, because she wasn't wearing her glasses. She did fabulous though.


Emaan said...

looks like she had fun

Mary said...

Trashy Fashion Show - what a funny idea!