Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a story problem

What do you get when you add....

**2 parents who went to bed later than usual
**1 Mom who couldn't get to sleep anyway
**1 phone call at 1:30 in the morning
**1 power outtage at 2 am
**1 3 yr old boy crawling into said parents bed
**1 8 yr old girl complaining she couldn't sleep b/c it was too hot
**1 Mom begging her husband to wield some of his power as the public works officer to get it back on and him saying, " they are working on it, there is nothing I can do"
**1 Mom giving that husband a big sigh
**1 Mom sweating to death as her son had to snuggle
**1 Mom very annoyed with daughter who feels this is the perfect time to stay up and read
**3 lights coming back on as the power comes back on
**1 huge boy lugged back into his bed
**30 min to get back to sleep
** 1 sec. to reach over and turn the snooze button on, and sleep until 6:30

Add it all up and what do you get? One overly tired, baggy eyed Mother! However one who was determined to exercise. So since I snoozed through the alarm, I got Ivan dressed, dropped the kids off at school, and headed down to the base to go for a nice long walk. Except it started pouring down rain. So we went into the gym.

The gym has this nice little kids area, where you can lock them in to play, while you exercise. It is nice. I went in and there were two women on the treadmills and one child in the play area. So I put Ivan in and got on a bike. Well the other little boy, would not leave Ivan alone. Chasing after him with a huge bucket, taking his toys and throwing them around the room, not letting him go on the climbing wall, getting in Ivan's face until Ivan would hit him, and then come tell me that my boy hit him. So after a huge long work out of 8 whole minutes, I gathered up Ivan and said that is it we are leaving. And guess what? That whole time, his Mom did not say one single thing to him. Not one. I am thinking of making a sign that says, "if your child is more wild than mine, please get off your treadmill and come take care of it."

This day did not start off well and I am hoping will get better!

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