Monday, April 28, 2008

birthday boy

Ethan absolutely loves ice cream. One night he ate 5 scoops with chocolate and carmel and all kinds of stuff on it...and he begged Connor for the rest of his. Ben and I have often wondered how much he could eat if we never stopped/limited him!

Back in the states, Ethan's favorite place is Dairy Queen. Seeing as we don't have one here, he has had to "settle" for Coldstone Creamery. It is about a 20 minute or longer drive from here, so I try to take him when we are down there.

So the other night, we were talking about his upcoming birthday. He turns 7 on Monday!!! I can't believe it. But anyway, we had decided to take him to a hotel/resort here called the Pacific Islands Club ( or PIC) and spend the day at the water park there. I told him it would just be a family party but that we would have a lot of fun. He had this really sad look on his face and I asked him what was wrong. He frowned and said, " I wanted to go to Coldstone for my birthday!". I laughed so hard. So we are going to hit Coldstone before we check into the hotel. Funny, funny boy!

He also told me the other day that, " when I turn 7 I am going to stop driving you crazy!" I sure hope so buddy!

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