Wednesday, April 23, 2008

need help/advice

So...I am going out of my box completely, and starting in May, I will be teaching a basic scrapbooking class on base. I am totally excited but nervous. I am trying to think of a project for the class to do ( it is once a week for like a month and a half) so I am thinking of an album, where we work on one page a week. Here is where I need help...if you are not a scrapbooker ( or even if you are!) what kind of project would you want to work on? A baby book? An all about me book? A vacation album? Or would you rather just learn techniques, so that you can put together your own? If you don't scrapbook, what is holding you back? I want to be able to help and teach so anything that you guys can help me out with would be soooo very appreciated.Thanks everyone!


castlemom13 said...

Hey Marie,

I think that for me I would like to learn techniques so that I could adapt it to the book I want to do. Everyone is at a different point in life and if you do say a baby book then those that don't have kids or aren't planning on kids might not come. With techniques you could give them a lot of different choices in paper, embillishments (sp?) that would work with several different themes but uses the same techniques. As to why I don't scrapbook, especially when I have oodles of stuff (I had to promise not to buy anymore until I use some of it up), is plan and simply TIME. Figure out how to add 6 hours to my day and I'll get back to my scrapbooks. I also need to get around to printing off the pictures stored on my computer from my camera. Good luck, you'll do great teaching the class!


Little Hensley Fam said...

hmm.. that's tough. I'd almost say do an about me album, and include different techniques so people could learn stuff and get pages done in an album. Just an idea... and good for you!

Avis La Fin said...

Hi Marie,
I have lots of ideas.
1-For me, one of the facts that always overwhelms me is what to do with the hundreds of pictures that I have. Most of the scrapbook pages I've seen use only 1 or 2 pictures when I may have 10 to 15 of one event, and I don't know how to determine which to use, which to discard (Heaven forbid), and which to maybe save somewhere else. I think it would really encourage me to be taught how to determine which pictures to use in a layout and WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THE PICTURES THAT ARE LEFT.
2--I find scrapbooking to be very expensive. All those supplies are expensive; yet most scrapbook demos you see are pages loaded with "goodies" which are so cool. I think many people are a little turned off by the expense. Maybe you could share some techniques, pages, etc. that you can do on a budget.
3-I have trouble, sometimes, with color coordination, etc.
4--I'd like advice on how to get in the journaling which is so popular.
For what it's worth. Mom