Monday, April 14, 2008

Family Fitness Walk

Here on Guam, there is usually a 5k every single weekend. And a lot of the times they are on both Sat. & Sun. I usually do these by myself or with friends and neighbors. Never with Ben. Saturday is his only day to sleep in and since most of the races have a go time of 5:30 or 6:00 he doesn't want to get up that early. I also have never wanted to wake the kids up that early and than have to deal with them.

Last weekend however, there was a family walk that didn't start until 10:30. So we packed up the bikes, scooter and a stroller and headed down to Sumay Cove. Harm immediatley started whining ( this was the day after her camp out) because she didn't feel that the road was flat enough to scoot (er) on. Ben told me to just head off with Ivan and he would keep the other three. So Ivan and I kind of half jogged/half walked, when the next thing I know, here comes Ethan passing us on his bike. As soon as Ivan saw him he said, " go faster Mommy, go get my Ethan". So we tried to keep pace with Ethan the whole time. He did great. We passed the finish line together and than I went back to see if Ben needed any help. Connor had fallen off his bike, and got right back up and started running. Harmony eventually stopped complaining and she passed the finish line with a grin.

The kids were really hot so we headed over to Kids Day. They ran around and got prizes, bounced in bounce houses, got Harry Potter scars painted on their foreheads and more. We all came home and had a nap/quiet time and then ben took the older kids swimming. Ivan wasn't feeling well so he and I snuggled and watched Noggin.

It was a long day but we had fun!


The Anglesey Family said...

Your kids are sooo active! ACTUALLY....SO ARE YOU! You have lost sooo much weight lately with all these races. Did they have fun at Kids Day. I heard it was hot! Which does not surprise me. It seems so much hotter and humid here then a few weeks ago. The humidity is killing my hair. I seriously have no reason to straiten it. Oh well.

marie said...

You are so sweet. Wrong, but sweet. It was way hot out there. I was dying. The only food/beverage was snow cones that was it. No water or anything. It is a lot hotter than it has been.My kids don't want to play outside at all.