Thursday, April 17, 2008


A while back my friend Cindy had a post on her blog, where you have to show what is in your purse. It sounded like fun so I decided to do it. And then well I didn't. But Ivan, thoughtful little kid, dumped mine out. So I figured it was meant to be.

First off is my purse. It is a new one. I have a lot of purses/bags. Ask Ben. He doesn't see the need for so many. But you have to constantly be changing things around. I saw this one at the NEX and I loved it. Did I mention it is reversible? My friend pointed that out to me I didn't even realize. They had one that was a little larger for $20 but I went with the smaller one. Why? Because I am sooooo close to being away from a diaper bag. I don't really want to carry some big huge honkin thing around all.the.time. anymore. This one does NOT hold a diaper or a wipes case. Although it did have a fruit snack wrapper...

So here is the run down:

*my blue wallet. A little too small and actually am thinkin' of an upgrade.

* a coupon for St. Ives body wash that I never used
*3 pens
* A Tide to Go pen
*Mary Kay lipstick
* an envelope of my grocery $$ (note not in wallet, see it's kind of small)
*.26 cents
* 5 recipets for the commissary, 1 for McDonalds, 1 for Dominos and 2 for the NEX ( can you tell what I spend my $$ on?)

Ok so now for what you DON'T see...
**my keys are (gasp!) on their hook
** cell phone on the counter charging
** the church bag. Basically we only write one check these days
**military id is in the car. I have to show it to get into my house so if I don't just leave it in there I would probably lose it!

Now wasn't that fun? Well guess what? Now it is YOUR turn. If you read this blog, and you have a blog, you are TAGGED. So first you have to take a picture of the actual purse and than what is inside. Have fun!


Cindy said...

I love your purse! and that it's reversible! How cool is that!

Mary said...

Gotta love the plaid purse! Very cute!