Tuesday, April 08, 2008

going home

( all these pictures were taken from the last time we saw Vale, almost a year ago!)
I realize that some people know, and some don't, but we are going to go home this summer. The earliest we can leave, according to the school, is the 20th of May. We are going to fly on a MAC flight, which means a military flight. If you can get on, it is a free flight. We aren't on a time table so we can leave whenever they let us. The kids are sooo excited. I am too. I can't wait to go to a decent grocery store, hit Target ( as many times as possible as there isn't one where my parents live), getting away from the humidity, spending time with family, etc. The kids are also excited, but for different reasons. I asked Ethan why he is so excited and he said,"2 V's Mom. Video games and Vale." I said," you can play video games here." " Oh well just one V then!"

The kids absolutely adore their cousin Vale. I do too of course but not for the same reasons. They are so excited to see him. I am hoping that they get to know some of their other cousins this trip. My kids are honestly Vale's biggest fan!


Christy said...

I can't remember if I told you we bought a van about a month ago. With Katy living in Gresham, trips to Target while you are home shouldn't be a problem. I've already been told to take some time off while you are here so Target, here we come! Or wherever you want to go. We really like our new car.

Your favorite sister said...

I didn't know you bought a van. How fun for you. Ben is actually thinking about leaving mine here and buying me a new one. I am not sure how I feel about that but...who can complain about a new car right?

The kids are so anxious to come home. We really can't wait!

Amyzcrazylife said...

Can't wait to see you guys either. Did Vale have fun, looks like it.