Monday, December 31, 2007


I made my menu up and was very excited because I had almost everything I needed right in my own house. Only a few little odds and ends to pick up. Well I never made it to the commissary yesterday and it is closed today. Oiy! So tomorrow I will be going. All recipes are low fat ( from a fabulous new cookbook that I got) unless marked with an asterik. Ok let's go...

B: oatmeal, oj, toast
L:cresant dogs, apple slices
D:chicken with stuffing, steamed vegi's, rolls

L:mini bagel pizza's, canned fruit
D:bbq'd pork tenderloin, pineapple rice

L:mac & cheese*
D: meatloaf, confetti potatoes, vegi

B: hashbrown casserole
D: sloppy joes, baked fries and corn

B: c,ereal
L: chili w/fritos ( the chili is very low fat...fritos not so much!)
D:polynesian chicken, brown rice, fruit
Dessert: choc. creamy cupcakes

Sunday: a busy day and Ben is on watch so we keep it simple
B: cereal
L:kids choice
D: leftovers

I generally don't plan lunches but my kids are still home this week. For more ideas, check out

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The Farr's said... all sounds yummy. But, I would love the recipe for the pineapple rice!