Tuesday, December 04, 2007

the joys of Christmas

Ahhh Christmas. Such a wonderful time of year. People in good moods, spreading holiday cheer. Kids trying to be good so they don't get on the naughty list. Everyone showing their love through buying gifts...except at my house.

Yesterday, the boys found themselves on the naughty list so fast! I have mentioned before but there are a few Moms, who take turns walking the kids to and from school. My friend did it yesterday, and I knew it couldn't be good when I saw her walking them all the way up to the house. The boys had begun chasing her young son, and because the child is small, he started running towards the street!! One of the most busy streets on Guam! She barely caught him and he was almost hit by a van. So she wanted to let me know that" I raised my voice at your kids." I was shocked. I honestly told her, " I can't believe that is all you did. I would have throttled them!" So they had to sit on time out, make sorry cards and then were grounded for the rest of the evening.

Then, onto the Christmas cheer & giving gifts...the school's pto has a fundraiser where they are having a Santa's Workshop. Kids can bring money to the school to buy gifts for parents or siblings or whomever. So since I already took them to buy something for each other, I gave them money to buy something for Ben and I. Well here comes Ethan, with 2 teeny tiny little gifts. Very proud, he proclaims that they are for Ben and I. So I tell him how sweet and to put them under the tree. Afterward, he pulls a much bigger gift bag out of his backpack. I asked him who that was for and he told me, " well Tristen's mom gave me my change, and so I used the $5 to buy some lego's all for me." What a giving child. So full of the Christmas spirit. So I told him he has to wait until Christmas before he gets it. He was really excited about that...let me tell you!

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Avis La Fin said...

Hi Marie,
Dad and I got a real chuckle out of your blog!! That whole set-up of kids being given money and then being confronted with a room full of gifts, though well-intentioned, is fraught with temptation!! Too funny. Steve and one or two other of you kids did exactly the same thing!! The other was that you could never wait to give us our gifts until Christmas Day. Hope all's going well. Mom