Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Are you ready...

for a ton of Christmas pictures?

Last night was a busy one. And because of that Ivan fell fast asleep on the couch...at 6. Actually, he fell asleep in the car while dropping goodies off. We woke him up ( which was not an easy task!) and tried to get him to open his stocking. He wouldn't even sit up on his own he was so tired.I finally wrestled his jammies onto him, and he without a word, went upstairs and went and got in his bed!! Christmas is tiring for him too! So our annual " kids by the tree in their new pj's picture" is one kid short.But still way cute.

But since the kid went to sleep so early, he was up nice and early! The first one up. The other kids, had decided to start their own tradition, and they all had a sleep over in Harmony's room. But by 6:30 we had 3 kids awake and finally just went in and woke Connor up. When he came downstairs he said, " I really was on the nice list?!" The kids had a fun time opening gifts and were very happy with everything.

Tomorrow we are headed to buy containers for all their new toys to go in. We are collecting things for a garage sale so I will be able to purge some things. Anyway,I know that we are a day ahead so to those who haven't celebrated yet...Merry Christmas!!

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