Sunday, December 23, 2007

Future missionary

I have been pretty casual, when it comes to what my boys wear to church. Usually a button down shirt and shorts, with brown leather sandals. Or pants in Norfolk when it was cold. The reason for this is pretty simple....the a/c in Norfolk never seemed to work very well in the primary room. And now, living in Guam's stinkin' hot here and they never have the a/c on high enough!!

But I decided that I wanted the boys to start dressing nicer at church. I want them to be a good example to some of the little Chamorro kids that we have in our branch. So I got new white shirts and pants. Grandma Kennedy had sent the boys a clip on tie over the summer, which Connor claimed as his. So on Saturday night, I wanted to try the boy's clothes on to make sure that they fit.

Connor got all dressed up,I said, " Connor you look very handsome!" To which he replied," do you think Logyn will think so?" Logyn is a little girl who lives across the street and is in his primary class. It was sooo cute.

The next morning, when I got up, Connor was completely dressed and ready to go. He told me that he was only missing one thing. I asked him what it was..."to be a real missionary I need a pen in my pocket!"

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