Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chrismtas party

What does a night out entail? Let me tell you...

**1 kid picked up for a sleepover at 3:30, with a list of emergency numbers and $$ for a movie

**1 kid picked up at 5:00, with a list of emergency numbers

**corn dogs, chips and juice boxes for dinner ( so unhealthy!!!)

**1 babysitter

**new dress

** nylons

** hair done by a friend

**hairspray, gel, curling iron and straightening iron

** 2 kids sleeping over at our house

** buying tickets

** heels that hurt

** parking in timbuktoo

** nails painted, nails smeared

** kids going to bed really late

Last night we attended a Chrismtas party for Navfac. It was fun to get dressed up and go out with Ben. A night out is always nice. We were able to get out and enjoy ourselves. Ben works with a lot of fun people and so it is nice to talk to everyone. Ben even won a door prize! Nothing too tickets. We got home around 10:30, because Ben is on watch today. The kids stayed up late with their sleepovers and they are exaughsted. How do I know? Because it is 5:16 in the evening and Connor has maybe been awake for 20 minutes and Ethan and Ivan are still out. I know Harmony is going to be sleeping in tomorrow! Here is a picture of Ben and I before we left. Just ignore the fat rolls. It is hard to get pictures outside here, because it is so humid it fogs up your lens. And do you love how tall I am standng next to Ben? No,it's not the heels...just a step! :)

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Susan said...

I was wondering how you suddenly grew a foot. Funny!