Wednesday, December 05, 2007

slimy...yet satisfying

Yesterday I did something that was absolutely disgusting, but it was actually very satisfying. I am not a " I am Woman here me roar" kind of a girl. I am more of a "if I can get Ben to do it, then there is no way that I am going to..." kind of a girl. But because Ben has a "habit" of leaving for 6 months at a time, there are things that I have had to learn to do for myself.

Well our shower has been clogged, and Ben said that he would take care of it, if I would just grab some liquid plumber. So I remembered to get some but when I was putting it away, I read the directions. I thought wow, that is kind of easy I bet I can do it. SO I did!! I was very excited with my plumbing skills!

Later Harmony came in the bathroom and asked what the smell was. I told her you know how it was taking a long time for the water to drain? I fixed it and the smell is the stuff you use. She looked at me questioningly and then said, " you fixed it? How? Oh I know...Daddy helped you."


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