Tuesday, January 01, 2008

hello 2008!

Ahhh...a new year means new resolutions. I love making goals for myself. I like this time of year ( along with September) to kind of re-evaluate and look and what I would like to change in my life.

I had spent New Years Eve, trying to get the house "perfect" so that I wouldn't start the new year off on a bad foot. Well perfection always seems to allude me when it comes to cleaning! Oh well. It still looks good! On New years I had written out a routine that I wanted to follow. A morning, afternoon and evening one. I did do my morning routine and then...

I have been suffering from some serious allergies here. I constantly have red itchy eyes, a sore throat, a stuffed up nose etc. It has been pretty miserable so I took some allergy medication. However, it may cause drowsiness! And holy cow were they right. After we returned from the beach, I went and took a nap. And didn't wake up until 3.5 hours later. Then I stayed up later because I had slept for so long, and then couldn't sleep all night because I wasn't tired. So once again, I am all thrown off!

Anyway, I am not just throwing in the towel on my resolutions. I guess I will just have to start my morning routine a little later!

I found a great site and there is a challenge for doing one small thing every day. So I have joined in. I like to do all these challenges so I can get little things done here and there. I know the next few months are going to be BUSY. But I look forward to getting little things done. If you are interested in doing the challenge from Sanctuary at Home, you can look at the tag on my side bar.

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