Friday, January 11, 2008

Am I the only one?

**Am I the only one, who knows what time it is, because of what tv show my children are watching?

** Am I the only one, who gets sidetracked by her computer when she is supposed to be gathering items for a yard sale?

**Am I the only one who has to explain to her son why watermelon would not be good in stew?

**Am I the only who know has to tell her son not to blow bubbles in his milk, or do it with his spit?

** Am I the only one who says " keep your hands off each other" 50 times an hour?

** Am I the only one who thinks that when little boys miss that they should be the ones who clean the toilet seat?

** Am I the only one who threatens to cut all her daughter's hair off if she doesn't let me comb it out?

** Am I the only one who isn't quite honest with her kids about the ingredients in a casserole,( like peppers) just so they will eat it?

** Am I the only one who overreacts when

** Am I the only one who has kids that want all their clothes as soon as you start to give them away?

** Am I the only one who has ever lost a birthday party invitation, so your son is crying because he can't go because you have no idea what time it starts?

** Am I the only one who wishes life would slow down just a little?

** Am I the only one who thinks that Ivan still looks like a baby? ( I have many people tell me that no he does not and that is just me)


The Farr's said...

Well, you may feel like you are the only one, but you aren't alone my friend!! I totally laughed at the first one because I am the exact same way! Life with kids is so much fun, huh?

Avis La Fin said...

Actually I thought your description was me!! Only mine were named Mark, Darla, Susan, Steve, Marie, and Tom. Wonderful blog, Marie

Cire said...

yep - u r unique, just like everybody else :)

Hey, I thought you had free minutes to the states? You haven't called . . .

marie said...

Sorry Eric! I didn't know you missed me...I will try to call soon. It has been busy around here.