Thursday, January 10, 2008

future so bright...

Over Christmas break, Ben took the kids to the movies. While there, he got a coke to drink. The boys wanted some and Ben told them no because it had caffeine in it. He then told them that when they are Dad's that they can have caffeine if they want it. So they are looking forward to that day.

The boys are also curious about bedtimes if you are a dad. " You mean we could stay up all night if we wanted?!" I told them that they could if they wanted too. So Ethan told me that when he is a Dad, he is going to stay up all night playing the Wii. I asked him about work and he said, " you mean a job?" well...yeah. He thought long and hard about what he wants to b when he grows up.

The first thought was for Connor and Ethan to start a "Bestest Brothers toy store." Ivan couldn't work with them but they would let him have some toys. For Harmony they would price all Polly Pockets and Pokemon game boy games for 14.99. What a steal huh?

Then, Connor decided to branch out and he said you know what I really want to do? I want to have a CiCi's!" ( If you don't have one, Cici's is an all you can eat pizza place). So then they decided that Ethan would own a lego store, Connor would own a CiCi's and Harmony would be a vet. That way they could all give each other something for free. Where Ivan fits into the new equation, I have no idea. But it was really cute to listen to them talk about their futures!

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The Farr's said...

How cute! It's good to know they have each other's backs! Austin can't wait to be a dad so he can stay up as late as he wants too!!