Sunday, January 27, 2008


My kids are just walking contradictions. Ethan has just been testing me lately. That little guy, will be a litle sugar one minute. Giving me loves, writing me thank you notes, drawing cute pictures on the chalkboard and more. Last night he told me that I was his girlfriend but today I was his wife. ( He moves fast!)

However, lately we have really been struggling with Ethan's behavior. I can not get him to leave his hands off of his brothers. I don't think he tries anything on Harmony but the's crazy. I am constantly on him about it. He has also been pouting alot. Any time he is asked to do something it ends up with a fit. I had him on time out,and while I was in his room, Harmony came to tell me something else that he had done. I didn't want to hear it but once it was out of her mouth, I was shocked to learn what he had done. I was infuriated with him. I just told him not to bother getting off his bed.

So during the day I go back and forth between wanting to throttle the kid and wanting to love and kiss on him. Is that what having kids is? Just learning one moment to the other?Dealing with the emotions that come and go?

Ben is going to have a man to man talk with him. About what is expected of him and what is allowed and what isn't. I am hoping that will help.If not, I am going to be yet another contradiction...

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