Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday update

Whew! Life sure moves quickly around here. The weekend seemed to just fly by! Friday was spent babysitting for a friend after school. Nothing too exciting, the kids were able to play with their friends. Saturday found us cleaning rooms and then heading to the Marine Science Museum. After walking around for a while we headed to McDonalds for lunch and a quick trip to the playplace. We barely walked in the door when a storm came. The big kids all watched a movie and I scrapbooked, while Ivan snored away. It was a nice relaxing afternoon/evening. Sundays always seem to be a blur!

Harmony is driving me crazy. Her two front bottom teeth are so loose and then she can turn them sideways. But she won't pull them out! She has a metal spacer in her mouth and it had fallen out. I took her to the dentist to get it back in and they told me that if she doesn't lose them soon it will cause problems for the other teeth. She is so stubborn though ( must get that from her Dad) and won't try to pull them out. I remind her about getting money from the tooth fairy but it doesn't phase her. She got her report card last week and recieved a B in writing...again. She cried and cried. It is so hard to listen to her be so upset about grades when she is only 6. So I have decided to just drop the whole subject of grades. I just feel she has to much pressure over grades.

Ethan is a busy boy. I have been feeling really bad for him, because he had been waking up in the middle of the night and throwing up. He would go right back to bed and I wouldn't hear from him until the next morning, where he would act just fine. I didn't know what to do for him because it wasn't the flu or anything. He had a field trip on Friday which must have "cured" him. His preschool class is involved in the Book It program through Pizza Hut and combined the kids had had over 200 books read to them. So they earned a trip to pizza hut. He enjoyed it and because we still had time to kill before we picked up Connor from school, we went to McD's for an ice cream cone. It wa nice to be with just him. That doesn't happen often.

Connor is making me hate the phrase, " Mommy look at this!" " Mommy, are you looking yet?" Every day he asks me to look at things. The same things over and over. He is so cute and curious. He is really starting to miss Ben and is constanly asking me when he is coming home. It is so hard. He is really enjoying soccer and really got into his last game. Kicking and throwing the ball in. It is fun to watch him. I am not sure if it is something that he is going to want to do long term but you never know. Right now it is just for fun. My neighbors bought their little boys a t-ball set and my boys love it. Connor plays with it a lot and so I know that there might be a t-ball set in their near future.

Ivan is my little crazy baby. He loves to scream whenever it is really quiet, mostly Sacrament Meeting. Although he has taken his first steps he really doesn't walk around much. Although I am noticing him do it more and more. His favorite game right now is peek a boo and he could literally play for hours. He also likes me to hide things under the couch cushions and play peek a boo with those. Last night, he was the last man standing so he got to take a bath all by himself instead of sharing. He loved it. He got to splash around and no one stole his bath toys. He is so cute and is really starting to let the kids know what he likes and doesn't like.

I got to talk to Ben this morning. I hate that he only gets to call once a week. We do chat every night for an hour so I shouldn't complain. He said they were doing something to the phones that should make it better. Too bad it is a little late for us to take advantage of! We are busy making plans for this summer when he gets home. He is taking 30 days leave and I am excited to have him back. I know it will take some adjusting but that's ok.

As for me, not much to report. My life is not that exciting. I do the same old same old every day. Take care of my crazy crew. This week the calender is looking somewhat empty but I know it won't stay that way for long.

Wednesday marks 4 months since I have seen Ben. 6 months total since this whole thing began. The time is going by fast....

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