Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Discoveries

Today was a day of discovery for the kids. Some were fun and others well...not so much.

Harmony discovered that her Mom is never going to let her take a bath first and then homework. Homework is the first thing done. She also discovered that if she keeps fighting with her brothers she is going to find herself grounded.

Ethan discovered that if he does not do "swing switch" ( the process of sharing the swings at school) that he is going to get in trouble, not only with his teachers, but with his Mom. He also discovered that talking rudely to his Mom, results in a nap.

Connor discovered that it is not a good idea to let go of your balloon while getting out of the car. He also discovered that if you are rude to your Mom, while waiting in the drive thru at Wendys, that his Mom will just drive off without getting him any chicken nuggets.

Ivan discovered helicopters. We were in the commissary parking lot when one flew by and he looked up in amazement. He watched it for a long time. He also discovered how fun it is to unroll toilet paper. You gotta love that one!

Hope everyones discoveries for today are a little better than my kids! :)

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Cindy said...

Isn't it fun to learn and grow! My oldest discovered that if she's going to back-talk to her mother she gets grounded to her room!