Thursday, December 07, 2006

Boys from A-Z

My boys are cute. My boys are gross. My boys are future missionaries & fathers. My boys are mine. When testosterone levels are high, I often wonder why I was given 3 boys. I asked for one boy. One little Mama's boy. And I end up with 3 wild boys. So I started thinking of all the things that my boys entail. Keeping up with them day to day. So here it is A-Z:
A- arm farts, animal crackers, annoying,"anything goes", airplanes
B-Buzz, balls, Batman, bandaids, bananas,
C-cheetos, crumbs, crying, chasing, cups of juice, chicken nuggets, cars
D- Daddy’s boys, dinosaurs, dirt, "don’t!", danger, digging ,dogs
E- energetic, entertaining, eggo’s, exploring
F- fun, farts, fixin’ stuff, forts, fire trucks, fire men, french fries
G- gameboys, "gimme that!", guns, grapes, going places, gross
H-hiding, hitting, hammers, hero’s, huge eyes, hungry all the time, hats
I- Incredibles, ignoring the rules, ice cream, "I didn’t do it", "Ivan did it"
J-jumping on the couches, juice, Jedi’s, just kidding
K-kisses are gross, knights, kissable, kicking, knots
L-lego’s, light sabers, "let go!", licking the beaters,
M-Mommy’s boys, making stuff, markers, mayhem, maps to treasure,
N-no limits, no boundaries, no rules, name calling, noisy
O-overalls, Oreos, oranges, outgoing, outside playing,
P-pirates, popsicles, playing, plotting, pancakes, pb&j, problems
Q-quirks, quiet for no one, qt's
R-running, rambunctious, rowdy, rope tying,
S- superhero’s, stinky, sweet, syrup, snacks, snakes, striped t-shirts, sports
T-trains, tv, time outs, thirsty, tiring, tantrums, tears, toys , tools
U-umbrellas with Batman on them, underwear with Batman on them, underwear is a funny word
V-Vale, video games, vying for attention, van rides,
W-wild, weird, wonderful, "why not?" "Watch this!", waffles, wrestling
X-eXtreme sports, eXcited, eXercise
Y-yawn, yelling, young, yucky, yogurt,
Z-zainy, zoo trips, ritZ, cheez -its


Susan said...

Sounds familiar! T.J. has been fascinated with the word "poop" tonight. Boys!

Nicole said...

That is such a cute list!! You should keep it for read when they are old.