Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Third graders

Due to a huge lack of funding, (I will not go into details on the CA school system), there were no field trips, at Las Posas this year. It is sad.

I have fond memories of going to the Bonneville Dam and the Fish Hatchery. As well as the Portland Zoo and Omsi. Rides on the bus, having a packed lunch and just getting out of the class room for the day.

A walking field trip to a nearby park doesn't seem very exotic but I don't think these kids cared!

Nancy Bush park is 2 blocks away from the school, and so the 3rd grade classes hoofed it in a long procession that I am sure drivers were thrilled about.

This cute non-third grader got to tag a long :)

The kids ran around and played on the equipment, colored with sidewalk chalk, had a water balloon toss, ate their packed lunches, played some more and ended their day with popsicles.

While all of this was fun, it could get a little overwhelming for Ivan. So he chose to throw a Frisbee with his friend, play many, many games of chess, hang out on a blanket with Mom and blow bubbles.

He did participate in water balloons but once it popped and he was soaked...he was done with that.

Third graders have a lot of energy. Energy that an overweight thirty something Mom just doesn't have.

My field trip day ended with a nap. That is much more my speed. Is school out yet?

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