Sunday, June 15, 2014

a Fathers Day shout out...

I checked my Facebook account today, and it was flooded with pictures of Dads!

Fathers, Grandpas, husbands, brothers, uncles... I loved seeing them. A lot of special tributes.

Sometimes I think that the men in my (all?) life get the shaft. They work so hard and don't always get the respect & acknowledgement they deserve.

My Dad. What can I say about someone who is a hard worker, kind, caring, intelligent, sweet, funny man? Who absolutely adores my Mom, takes amazing care of his Mother? Who took Harmony's dog so that we could live in our housing? Hmmm, I don't know how to do him justice. Some of my favorite memories of him are, going to his office to get a root beer from the pop machine, listening to Johnny Cash (which I still do) watching Cary Grant movies, scripture study in the mornings, and of course our girls trip to Reno & California.

My husband. The father of my children. The head of our home. My rock. My best friend. He works hard. He financially supports us so that I can be home with the kids. He helps with homework (especially math), goes to Scouts, takes the kids to movies, grills a mean steak, makes huge Saturday/Sunday breakfasts. He builds Legos, cheers on his team and is the chief "builder" of all furniture in our home. Favorite memories with my hubby? They are still happening! Seeing him delicately wash Harmony when she was born, seeing him pass the sacrament with Ethan & Connor, snuggling with Mason and then falling asleep, doing his best to help Ivan & support me in all my meetings and appointments for Ivan. Trips as a family, family movie nights...

My father in law. Jim is a quiet man, maybe because he can't get a word in with me around? Quite possibly. I feel sad that I don't know him very well. He has always treated me with love and kindness. Giving me genuine compliments. Teaching my husband. Loving my kids. Encouraging us.
(He also apparently doesn't like having his picture taken because I can't find any on my computer!)

Thank you to the men in my life. For being who you are...and blessing my life. Happy Fathers Day!

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