Sunday, June 08, 2014

my blogging history...

A loooong time ago, my family lived in Virginia. Across the country from any family. I started a blog, this blog to be exact, so that our family could keep up with our lives. My husband while deployed, was able to view pictures & read the stories behind what our kids were up too.

Then our family received orders to go to Guam. This blog became even more essential as we were even further from friends and family.

Around this time, I discovered other types of blogs beyond family ones. Homemaking, cooking, organizing, bento...and I wanted to be just like these bloggers that I admired.

I created another blog, Martha Wannabe (as in Martha Stewart) where I shared meal plans, participated in blog challenges, shared recipes and anything homemaker-y.

I tried very hard to keep up with both. I did not succeed.

Slowly this family blog was put on the back burner.

Once our family moved to California, I was able to coupon again. I was getting lots and lots of questions and loved sharing my "scores". So I started another blog, California Clippin' and later to California Cheap Chick.

This past year has been so incredibly busy. Sometimes it is even hard to contemplate how we got through it.

While talking to a friend the other day, I realized just how burnt out I really was/am. I am tired of trying to "keep up with the Jones's blogging style". Would it fun to be an insanely popular blogger? Sure.

But honestly, I just want to be...a Mom again. Not someone who is trying to keep up with others. I feel like the stories of mine and my families life has been limited to a quick facebook post. Our lives can't be described in 20 words.

I want simple. I don't want to worry about sharing my posts on every social media platform in hopes of new readers & comments.

Simplicity. Family life. Success and failures. Family life. Simplicity. MariesHecticLife 2.0

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