Monday, June 23, 2014

the Lego movie

After a long busy week, our family loves to relax and have a family movie night. We usually have a rotation, so that everyone gets a turn.

However, since Tuesday, Ivan & Mason have chosen. Although they haven't just chosen at is more like morning, noon and night.

The movie of choice? The Lego Movie. It has been playing non stop.

Last night, Ben & I sat down with Mason & Ivan to watch it. Again. For the 11th time.

I have gone through movie obsessions with all of my kids....

*Elmo in Grouchland
*Toy Story Movies (all of them)
*Harry Potter (ok that is me, lol)
*Star Wars
*Indiana Jones
*the Lorax

Who knows how long this newest obsession will last...but for now, everything is AWESOME!

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