Saturday, June 21, 2014

Safe & Sound

Being a parent is TOUGH.

There was a time when my biggest safety concern had to do with covering electrical outlets, making sure car seats were installed correctly and that bath water wasn't too hot.

But as they have grown up, other safety concerns have surfaced.

I find myself wishing to go back to that time. I want life to be easy.

I don't want to be scared for my children. Or my children's friends.

One of my children has been threatened in a way that I have no control over. I have anxiety for them and our family.

 All I can do is pray. Have faith and hope.

I know that this is not the most...specific...but for a variety of reasons, I just can't.

Know that we are being cautious. Know that we have a small handle on the situation. Life is so topsy-turvy.

We are praying, having faith and hoping for the best. We invite all of our family & friends to do the same.

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