Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gone camping...

Last year, Ben went to scout camp with Ethan. It was his first year.

 I was having some issues with my "baby" leaving me. So having Ben with him made it that much easier.

Yesterday, Ethan & Connor set out for Scout Camp. Ben did not. Ethan has a year of experience under his belt. Connor has none. He hasn't been away from me for longer than a night.

I am putting my trust in his leaders...who are very good guys. I am not worried at all...just amazed at how fast my boys have grown up. Amazed at how quiet it is without them. Amazed at how well Ivan & Mason play together when the "big boys" aren't around.


Their backpacks were packed. Lots of snacks. Money for the trading post. Extra socks & underwear that I snuck in to a side pocket.

The 3 oldest kids getting instruction on being good leaders & examples

They are going to have a great time...and I am going to smother them with hugs and kisses when I see them again.

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