Friday, June 13, 2014

End of the year cuteness

**If  you notice two changes of clothing, it is because Mason is in the M,W,F class and the T, Th class. Which are "technically" two different classes. So he got two parties.**

Of all my children, not one of them has gone to a preschool (or kindergarten for that matter) that has a full blown graduation.

And while I have to admit that little kids in caps and gowns are pretty cute...I am so glad that we haven't had to deal with that!

Mason with his best friend Lyna

I am happy with our preschool's end of the year sing a long and ice cream party.

They wear whatever they want, sing some of their favorite songs from the year, eat a sugar filled snack and go home.

Easy. Simple. And yet...still full of absolute cuteness!

Giggling instead of singing. Forgetting the words. Sweet smiles. Cute songs. Friends spending a few more precious moments together.

United Methodist Child Development Center is an amazing preschool and we have felt blessed to be there. Great teachers. Great values. Great place.

Today is the day we say goodbye to preschool...and get ready to say hello to  kindergarten!

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