Saturday, June 14, 2014

End of the year wrap up

This year has been CAH-RAZY!! We have been super busy...and now it is over.

Summer break has begun. Here is a look back at what the 2013-14 school year brought.
One of the last days of school

1st day of school


band, new friends, old friends,  14 years old, band comps, seminary, Rio Mesa zero period classes, AP, freshman, band concerts, band practices, "lettering" in band...everything band!

1st day of school

Ethan: 7th grade, Monte Vista, band, writing, baritone, Deacons Quorum president, turned 13, band concerts, bike rides, Scouts, bike crash, broken tooth, swimming, taller than Mom!

One of the last days of school

1st day

Connor: 6th grade, middle school, Monte Vista, band, getting glasses, new friends, new schedules, turned 12, swimming, scouts, in mutual, broken toe, good grades
one of the last days

Ivan: 3rd grade, Las Posas, hates writing, loves math, turned 9, broken wrist, red cast, learned to ride his bike, instructional aid, IEP's, highs & lows, new best friend, chess, computer time.

Mason: preschool, United Methodist preschool (UMCDC), 5 days a week, singing songs, playing games, best friends, 4 years old, counting, saying the alphabet, lots of dental work, new bike, big boy!

For me, the school year meant...driving, driving and more driving. Waking up early, making lunches, car pools, helping with homework, meetings, and driving, driving, driving.

Thank heaven for summer...or for the first couple of weeks until all the "I'm boreds" start!

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Susan said...

Julianna LOVED her year at the Methodist preschool. So did I :)

Hope the summer's a little slower for you. Sounds like you could all use a rest after such a busy school year!