Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fathers Day gifts

Whenever my kids talk about gifts for Mothers Day, it is always very sweet things. Like flowers, jewelry, breakfast in bed...

Fathers Day is a whole different ball game.

I have been reading quite a few old posts on this blog, and laughed when I found a Fathers Day post regarding Ethan. His gift suggestions were black socks and a guitar.

There was also the year when Connor got him Star Wars movies, so that they could watch them together, and tennis balls so they could play catch together.

So while doing errands with Mason today, I asked him what he thought we should get Ben for Fathers Day (even though I already have them, I am so on top of things!). This was our conversation:

Mason: "We should get him some tools!"
me: " That is a good idea, except I don't know what kind of tools to get him."
Mason: "OK how about some wood so he can build stuff."
me: "Wow, that is another good idea. But I don't know what kind or what sizes..."
Mason: "How about some bricks to build with?"
Me: " I don't know if Dad ever builds with bricks..."
Mason: "yes he does! With Lego bricks! Isn't that funny Mom!" As he cracks up at his own joke.

I have to say that Mason really knows his Dad well though!


Susan said...

I actually got Eric a pack of black socks for Father's Day last year (among other gifts). T.J. kept stealing Eric's special black Nike socks, so I got him some of his own!

Marie Turner said...

Ben was just complaining because Ethan & Connor keep taking his!