Monday, June 16, 2014

ER visits & a broken clavicle

Picture this scene:

4 Moms sitting at the park enjoying sunshine and conversation.

1 Dad sitting in "his chair" ignoring the multitudes of children going by

10 children (at least) playing video games/watching others play

Then 3 children go out to jump on the trampoline. Nothing wrong with that right?

Until those Moms hear screaming. Blood curdling screams. Coming from our backyard.

Ethan brings me a screaming Mason, followed closely by an un-named older brother saying, "It was an accident! I kicked him off the trampoline on accident!"

Mason went straight to Ben and I figured while sore, he was probably ok.

Until someone grabbed Mason by the shoulders...and the screaming resumed.

I tried to take his shirt off, to check for swelling, and screaming and crying ensued.

Friday morning I took him to the ER and found that he had a broken clavicle. After a couple of hours and an arm sling, we were sent on our way. With a referral to see an orthopedist. A specialist because despite Mason's claim of being a "big boy" in the medical world he is still pretty small.

As I was dealing with all this drama, Harmony and I discovered something. She has not once, been to the ER. Not for an injury or sickness. Not once.

However, each of the boys have been one time...since December.

It started with Connor:
While visiting my parents, he fell on the stairs. And broke his toe.

A couple of days later (literally days), we were at a friends home. Ivan was messing around with a  friend. She pushed him, he held out his wrists to catch his fall, and broke his wrist.
A couple of months later, while at the pool with a friend, Ethan's face got in the way of a flying toy tea cup. And broke his tooth. I was not allowed to share this on Facebook, but now have permission, as the tooth was fixed the very next day.

And now Mason.

Boys are a barrel of laughs...and ER visits.

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