Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Down and Derby...

(not the best picture but Ben trying to help Connor with flag)
(at the starting line)

(coolest named car award winner)
(the winners with the scout master)
(so proud! Don't you love how nicely he is wearing his uniform?)
(the end of the track)
Although the Australia news is exciting, if I don't blog about the Pinewood Derby soon my boys won't be very happy!

After a couple of deployments and other delays, the boys finally got to have their derby this past Friday. While working on cars,Ben asked each of them, "would you rather have a car that goes fast, or one that just looks cool?" They both answered, "looks cool".

They loved their cars! I think Connor ecspecially. He had a hard time naming his though. I told him that his cousin TJ had named his car the Scorpion. So Connor, who really admires his cousin TJ (although they haven't seen each other for a looong time) decided to name his the "Flaming Scorpion".

Our den was in charge of dinner so I was busy in the kitchen with the other Moms. Of course I made it out to watch the races though!

The Tigers (Connor's den) had flag that night. They are the youngest den and it was so cute to watch them. None of them could hold the flag up and so had to have Dad's assist them. Too cute.

Connor's had a lot of good runs and so did Ethan's.

Ethan actually tied for 3rd place out of the whole pack. Oh and his car's name was the Pikachu mobile! He got to race again against all the other winners. The other boys were all Weblo's so he was pretty excited. He came in 4th but was very happy to recieve his 4th place ribbon. Connor was awarded with the "coolest name for a car" award. So although there were no 1st places for them, they were very happy.

It is always so hard to watch your kids compete and not win. During the last 4 heats, you could see Ethan's face go from elated to let down in about 30 seconds. In the end, they all went home happy...and that makes Mom happy!

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becky said...

so fun but I don't know what i will do when my boys are old enough for all that. I don't know anything about it.