Tuesday, April 07, 2009

completely DERAILED

My spring break plan of getting lots done that is! I started out with such high hopes. But with all 4 kiddo's being sick, and Ben waking up this morning saying, " The kids got me sick", well life is not all fun and games here at the Turner home! Ah well such is life right?

Last Saturday was spent out at the ball park! Baseball will be a major part of our lives for the next month or so! This game was held down by the beach at an area called Polaris Point. This is where we also went camping and have 4th of July.

The boys played their best and oh my heck it was hot out there! We had a nice breeze but imagine standing out there in dark blue shirts, long black pants and with the sun in your face! Harmony and Ivan had a hard time holding umbrella's and playing DS's (life is rough) so they camped out in a little spot under the stairs.

Afterwards there was a nice big bbq and the kids got to play in the water. What a way to end a game right?! It was a long, hot day but the kids enjoyed it!

Monday was spent cleaning house. I mean, what kid doesn't love to clean on Spring Break? :) Mean Mom!

However, yesterday they were driving me crazy and I knew we had to get out of the house! Ben suggested I take them to see Monsters VS Aliens in 3D. I was laughing so hard at the kids. Harmony was constantly ducking to get out of the way of things! Ivan kept taking his glasses off, so I would tell him to put them on. He would always reply, " I already put them on!" He did finally leave them on though. Ivan is hit or miss at the movies. He LOVED Bolt and sat glued to the screen, but Tale of Desperaux did not capture his attention and I spent my time trying to get him to stay in one row. But luckily, he sat and watched the whole thing without one problem!

Tonight we are headed out on date night!! Yay! Besides Home Depot (aren't we romantic?) I am not sure what else we are going to do. We are unsure of where to go for dinner because Ben said, " I can't taste anything anyway!".

Then tomorrow we are swapping with friends so they can have a date night. Harmony leaves to go on her camping trip in the evening. She is so excited for it. I need to get her to pack this afternoon.

So there you have our Spring Break up until now! As I have been sitting here, Mason has been kicking a lot. It is so fun to finally feel him in there! :)


The Farr's said...

I am glad you are back! I missed checking your blog every day. Okay, I still did that....
Anyway, I am sorry your kids were all sick. What a drag! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Erin Dooley said...

Congratulations on the new little guy coming soon. You sound like you are always crazy busy. You have a very cute family. Crazy where life takes us. I'm happy that you are doing well:) Have fun on your date night...those are precious and very far between in this household!

heidigoseek said...

are you trying to tell me to lower my Spring Break expectations?
we all have them and they're usually way too high!

The Anglesey Family said...

I love all your pictures!

Yearsley Family said...

Yay! You're back! Sounds like a busy spring break! I'm sorry your family got sick--mine has been too, but I've been kindof ignoring it in hopes that they will forget they are sick and be normal. How mean am I??? LOL Get well soon and enjoy your date night! Ben and I need a night to go to Home Depot, but there never seems to be a night to go. Have fun!

becky said...

We have had a sick house too. No fun. I think I want to take my kids to that movie they have never seen a 3 D movie before. I bet it will be funny. Everytime I have great aspirations to get a ton done then I get a migraine or a kid is sick or something comes up. I say give up.